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Fuel Tool is the UK's leading online price comparison for domestic heating oil.

Fuel Tool delivers the best heating oil prices from the most competitive and lowest priced suppliers across the UK. Simple and easy to use, we don't just deliver heating oil, we also deliver first class customer service.

Our suppliers give us their best prices which we pass on to you. No more calling around to get quotes, Fuel Tool does it all for you. Just enter the amount of heating oil you require along with your postcode and let us do the work. It couldn't be easier!

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The Best Heating Oil Suppliers

Fuel Tool has spent many years acquiring only the best possible oil suppliers who strictly adhere to our customer service standards and our overall ethos of transparency. Fuel Tool was born out of a need for the lowest prices and greater transparency and good customer and assisting heating oil residents in the UK with finding the cheapest prices, so naturally we made sure that our suppliers were top notch. We hold that core priciple as the most important element to delivering you our customers the best service possible.

A Couple of Clicks... Done.

Search. Select. Checkout. No fluff. It's as simple as that. Enter your postcode into the Instant Quote box and select your cheapest price or soonest delivery, then check out. We don't bog you down with marketing, extra steps, adding personal details or anything else. We're only interested in delivering you the cheapest prices and making the ordering process as easy as possible. Click here to use our simple geographical search or enter your postcode directly into the Instant Quote box in the upper right and you're on your way.

How Does Fuel Tool Do It?

How can we consistently deliver heating oil at the lowest prices? It's simple actually. Our automated ordering process takes the overhead costs out of heating oil suppliers' businesses by reducing their phone time taking orders and our customer service team tries to field customer service enquiries which also saves them time. In the end, the supplier simply passes on those savings directly to the Fuel Tool customers and that's a winning combination for everyone and we want it to stay that way.
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