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Fuel Tool Privacy and Security Policy

What we capture on the Fuel Tool website

Here at Fuel Tool, it is necessary capture customer information to ensure correct communication with our customers and provide accurate delivery details to the oil suppliers. We also save (in an encrypted format) payment details for a brief time, until your supplier has accepted the order and payment details. Once an order has been accepted (usually within minutes), these payment details are permanently deleted from our records and cannot be retrieved again. Along with each order, delivery and billing address details as well as telephone and email address details are stored for customer purposes. Customers' details are stored within Fuel Tool so they won't have to register again when they visit the website in the future. They can also log into their account area and view their previous orders and contact details. Our suppliers may choose to contact their customers as we cannot control what they do after an order is placed, but we do not promote direct marketing in any way.

What Fuel Tool and Fuel Tool suppliers will never do

Fuel Tool will not share your personal information with any third parties for marketing purposes without your express permission. Once an order is placed through the Fuel Tool site, your chosen supplier is responsible for upholding this policy.

What Fuel Tool may do once or twice

We value our customer's feedback about their experience ordering from the Fuel Tool website. From time to time, we like to ask our customers if they would like to comment on their ordering experience from the website, and have their comments published in our testimonials section. Testimonials are the best way to allow visitors unfamiliar with Fuel Tool to see what other people say. This is crucial in building trust with our visitors. We are happy to exclude you from receiving this email, so please let us know if this is the case.

Fuel Tool Cookies

Fuel Tool, as with any other website that has users, must manage sessions where visitors arrive at the website, proceed through the ordering process and finally complete their order. To achieve this, a cookie must be installed on your browser that tracks the user throughout the lifecycle, otherwise the session would drop and the website would forget who you are. Fuel Tool's cookie only tracks a browser session and does not store any other details whatsoever. Once you have completed your order, you may delete your cookies from your browser to ensure that this benign tracking cookie is removed. For details on how to delete your cookies in your browser, click here to visit the website.

Fuel Tool Security

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology is incorporated within this website whenever any customer accesses their account or proceeds to checkout with a pending order. Our website utilises 128-bit encryption and our certificate is verified by the Geotrust Global Certificate Authority. What this means is that when you access sensitive areas of the website, where you enter or view personal details or payment details, the connection is encrypted moving from page to page. This prevents attacks which may attempt to intercept these personal details. In addition, your payment details are stored in a further encrypted cypher block chaining format to further prevent the possibility of unwanted capture of your personal details. Fuel Tool values security and privacy as one of our core priciples.

Further information about privacy and security

If you have any questions regarding security, or are unsure whether placing an order from the Fuel Tool website is safe and secure, please feel free to contact and we will be happy to help to explain our security technology and our commitment to privacy.
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