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Why Become a Supplier on Fuel Tool?

At Fuel Tool, we work with suppliers to ensure the customer always comes first.  The high level of customer service we offer ensures that our suppliers name and reputation are always fully protected and positively promoted.  The result is a truly symbiotic relationship.  Together, we make a difference.

Four Simple Reasons:

Customer Introduction

Fuel Tool has a solid customer base that has been built up over the years. Our customers come back time and time again because they trust us.  Price is a very important determining factor when it comes to purchasing heating oil, but so is customer service.  We recently asked our customers why they returned to order from Fuel Tool. Their answers were simple and consistent; they had a positive experience ordering through Fuel Tool and they trust us.  Even those customers who encountered a problem of one kind or another returned because Fuel Tool worked to resolve the problem.  At Fuel Tool we know that customer satisfaction and customer retention go hand in hand. 

Search Engine Optimisation

Fuel Tool was designed by a private team of developers who have proven experience with keeping websites at the top of search engines, and that benefit is passed onto you.  As a supplier on Fuel Tool, that pole position is passed directly on to your company so you can be found every time.  

Keep Your Company on the Cutting Edge

Fuel Tool gives customers what they want.  In this age of mobile phones, tablets and computers, people increasingly want the freedom to order online.  They want to order how they want, when they want and they want a choice.  With limited time, customers don’t always have time to call around to find the lowest price.  Fuel Tool bridges the gap and enables customers to search for the cheapest price in seconds. Whether it is insurance, car hire, credit cards... or heating oil, customers want quick access to products and services.  Fuel Tool offers customers a range of products and services and they can place an order on Fuel Tool anytime 24/7.  

Easy to Use - Tailored for Suppliers

Our supplier log in area was built in consultation with suppliers and with suppliers in mind.  We listened to what you wanted and what you didn’t want.  The result is a system that is easy for suppliers to use and manage. We offer the tools you need to analyse your own pricing and manage your products. Fuel Tool places security at the forefront of everything we do and suppliers are never privy to another supplier’s information.  Each supplier, large or small, is treated with the same level of fairness and opportunity.

Fuel Tool takes our relationships with customers and suppliers seriously.  We work tirelessly to promote and protect the suppliers represented on our site.  We welcome suppliers who share our vision and whose ethos compliments what we work hard at promoting.  If you care about customers as much as we do and have great prices, we want you on board.

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