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Oil Supplier Terms and Conditions

I. Definitions:

Oil Supplier: A Company on the Fuel Tool website participating in price comparison of home heating oil.

Customer: An individual not associated with an Oil Supplier placing an order from the website for a certain amount of fuel for a specified delivery preference.

Chosen Supplier: Following an oil price search, the Oil Supplier which has resulted in the cheapest oil price for a specific delivery preference, and who will receive the purchase order and thus complete the purchase transaction and ultimately deliver the heating oil to the Customer within the Customer's chosen delivery preference time frame.

Chosen Product: Once a Customer has searched for oil and clicked on a specfic product with a specific delivery preference, that product is called the Chosen Product.

Completed Purchase: Once a customer has selected their Chosen Product, they will either log in as an existing customer to the Secure Checkout or they will register as a new customer and then proceed to the product checkout. Once a customer has completed the product review, entered their card payment details, accepted the purchase disclaimer and clicked 'Finished - Process Order' button from the Secure Checkout, they will have fully-completed the checkout process and this will be deemed a Complete Purchase at that point.

Secure Checkout: The location where the Customer logs into the Fuel Tool website and reviews their heating oil purchase and completes the transaction by entering their payment details.

II. Fuel Tool Transfer of Order Ownership Rights

In order to preserve our high level of customer service and quality control, Fuel Tool reserves the supreme right to take control over any order found on Fuel Tool, pending or otherwise, if required, and may cancel or transfer it away from a supplier who is in breach of any terms and conditions found on this page. Fuel Tool also reserves the right to remove a supplier from it's website at any time for any reason.

III. Valid Payment Types / Acceptable Payment Methods

Fuel Tool suppliers are required to accept only debit or credit cards as payment methods on the Fuel Tool website. Under no circumstances shall any supplier any third party payment methods, payment by cheque, cash on delivery or payment gateway such as PayPal to take payment. Any supplier attempting to accept any of these alternate methods of payment will be in breach of Fuel Tool's trading terms and will be unable to trade with Fuel Tool until such time as the supplier's payment system can accommodate credit or debit card payments.

IV. Oil Supplier Customer Service

Fuel Tool may handle customer service enquiries regarding purchases made from the Fuel Tool website, however, customer service, order and delivery enquiries should be managed directly by the supplier in most cases. Should Fuel Tool receive an enquiry related to an order that has already been placed, Fuel Tool will forward the enquiry onto the chosen supplier.

V. Oil Supplier Customer Service Expectations

In order for a heating oil supplier to comply with Fuel Tool's service requirements, the Oil Supplier agrees that between the hours of 9:00am GMT to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, excluding bank holidays, to be available for immediate or live enquiries via telephone or email, in order to assist customers with their billing, order and delivery enquiries. Any supplier who is found to be unavailable to provide this vital customer service or to be found unreliable, shall be excluded from the Fuel Tool website until this service is restored. Customer service is Fuel Tool's top priority and by requiring this as a compulsory rule, we hope to pass on our high level of service onto the customers.

VI. Oil Supplier Timeframe Promise and Cancellations

  • a. Explicit Listing of Valid Timeframes - The Oil Supplier agrees to deliver the oil as per the conditions on the Fuel Tool website and the Customer's chosen delivery preference. Should the Oil Supplier be unable to provide a specific delivery preference, it is up to the supplier to remove that delivery preference from the Fuel Tool website immediately, effective until that delivery preference is again avaliable to the Customer.
  • b. Delays and Communication Requirements - In the event of a non-scheduled delay with delivery after a purchase has been made, the supplier must contact any outstanding order customers that may experience a delay with their delivery, and inform them that their order will be delayed. This must be done immediately upon notice of an imminent delay and the supplier must promise in good faith to rectify the late delivery. This must be attempted either verbally or by electronic means and offer an alternate delivery timeframe or a full cancellation option to the customer.
  • c. Supplier Requirements for Cancellations - Should a Customer order Oil from the Fuel Tool website and the Oil Supplier is not able to fulfill his delivery requirements or the supplier has made an error in pricing and cannot fulfill the order price, the Oil Supplier must contact the Customer immediately and inform them that the specified delivery preference or price is unavailable and they must then attempt to supply the Customer with a new price, confirm a new order price total and then attempt complete the transaction. Only when the customer has been fully-informed regarding the issue with the order and aware that the order must be cancelled should the supplier cancel the order from the Fuel Tool Supplier Control Panel. In absolutely no circumstances shall the supplier cancel an order without first contacting the customer to explain the reason. Failure to do so will result in the possible exclusion as a supplier from Fuel Tool as this is a direct breach of our customer service ethos.
  • d. Complaints and Grievances Policy - Any complaints received by Fuel Tool pertaining to suppliers not delivering within the promised delivery timeframe will be taken up directly with the oil supplier and attempted to be resolved amicably. Should any supplier continue to breach the trust of Fuel Tool customers by failing to deliver oil within their promised timeframes may be suspended or excluded from listing their prices on the Fuel Tool website in the future. This is at the full discretion of the Fuel Tool customer support team.

VII. Quoted Price / Purchase Price Guarantee

  • a. Live Pricing and Committment to Purchase Price - Suppliers must update price information and other relevant details when changes to their price structure occur. Up to the point of the change, any customer may place an order from Fuel Tool and the price be honoured as quoted. This includes any orders currently being transacted, where customers are placing an order the moment the price changes. The supplier in these instances must honour the quoted amount regardless. Suppliers must update new prices immediately, in order for the Fuel Tool website to give accurate information to customers. Apart from the unlikely instance of a technical fault within the Fuel Tool website, any fuel quoted and purchased from the Fuel Tool website must be honoured at the listed price. In no circumstance shall an oil supplier change their pricing after the point of purchase as the customer expects the purchase to be completed at the chosen price found on the Fuel Tool website. Any deviation from this is a clear violation of the supplier terms and conditions as this activity would be deemed misleading by the customer. Any supplier found violating this term either intentionally or by mistake may be excluded immediately from listing their prices on the Fuel Tool Website.
  • b. Opting Out / Pausing Products - Suppliers can opt out of any or all delivery preferences at any time. By opting out of a delivery preference, suppliers will not be included the search results for that particular oil delivery option.
  • c. Payment Processing - Payment is not processed by Fuel Tool. Payment processing is the requirement of the Oil Supplier. The Supplier processes payment for the amount stated on the purchase order. If for any reason the supplier can't follow through with the delivery it is up to the supplier to contact the customer directly. Once an order has been placed via the Fuel Tool website, it is up to the supplier to follow through with the order as per the terms and conditions of the Fuel Tool site.
  • d. Binding Contract Between Supplier and Customer - Any order placed via the Fuel Tool website forms a binding contract of sale between the customer and the supplier and not between Fuel Tool and the customer.

VIII. Intent to Trade Requirement

Fuel Tool is not to be used by suppliers who do not intend to receive orders or are not prepared to complete with their pricing. This may be done by fixing pricing too high or by utilising other strategies to stay out of the ordering lifecycle. Only suppliers who are prepared to offer competitive pricing and receive orders will be allowed to list their live prices on Fuel Tool. Any supplier who is unable to list competitive pricing will be forced to pause their live products until they can offer this. If a supplier continues to list live products in this way, their account may be suspended until a full intent to trade has been established. New suppliers will be given a probationary period where in the event orders are not received, they will be notified of their lack of intent to trade. Following this notification, should the supplier continue to not receive orders their account may be suspended.

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